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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A great original idea

My pals at CPG came up with an original idea for holiday greetings. In my mailbox today arrived a Happy Groundhog Day card.

CPG, also my former employer, used to send out Thanksgiving cards to beat the holiday rush. The joke was in the past few years more and more businesses were getting their cards out early and that it would have to bump its cards back to Halloween to set its efforts apart from the masses. Though that may sound like no big deal, there was far more involved in CPG card-creation than buying a box of embossed cards and licking a few envelopes.

The CPG card was a big production involving a photo shoot, the occasional prop and the design talent of its amazingly talented creative team (with a bit of copy by us editorial folk).

When my Thanksgiving card didn't arrive I became concerned that the tradition was axed. To my delight, it wasn't axed, only carved into a new tradition. So bravo to my pals for beating the 2006 holiday greeting card rush.

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