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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The search for a Nano

As I wrapped and reviewed my gift selections over the past couple of nights Danny said, “I’ve never seen anyone get such a kick out of giving gifts.”

It’s true, particularly when I know I’ve found that perfect something. Now that my boys are getting older, they're interested in quality over quantity. I'm cool with that.

Patrick, who could very well model for Abercrombie, has wanted some clothes from this very hip (and expensive) store. Last summer when he wanted a button-down shirt for $39.50 all I could think was that he would have spaghetti stains down the front. But for Christmas I thought again. The clothes are classic, not trendy, and if at 11 he wants to look nice, I believe I'm okay with that.

Mikey is easy because his wish list still contains a smattering of toys (Army and various football-related items). Overall I’ve had pretty good luck this year—with one exception. Ryan wants an iPod Nano. It’s really all he wants (good thing because it’s $199 plus accessories).

He didn’t get a birthday present in November, partly because we threw him an all-day birthday party and his 12 friends consumed vast quantities of food, literally eating up my birthday budget. But I promised I’d make good on a gift.

After some discussion (“Why can’t we just get him the iPod Shuffle? If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for him,” Danny said.) Danny and I agreed to get it for him.

As I explained to Danny, kids today listen to a vast collection of music. The Shuffle only holds about 120 songs (Danny’s complete repertoire). For once I don't want to get the lesser version. He's been patient and hasn't asked for anything else. It took a while to get my cash together, but this week I was finally able to purchase the iPod.

Ryan doubts he will get it. (“It’s okay if you can't get it, Mom,” he said last night.) But I am in earnest. I want to see his face on Christmas morning when he opens the thing—to show that I can still surprise him. Unfortunately, iPods seem to be a hot item this year. I’ve driven to every electronics store on the West Side (even the dreaded Great Northern) only to hear the words, “Sold out. We won’t get anymore until January.”

Sold out! What’s a last-minute shopper supposed to do with this news? It’s not as if iPods are new this year. Why the run on them?

I could drive over to the Apple Store at Legacy, but there's no time for an East Side trip. Today is their last day of school before vacation. Instead I jumped online. It’s not as if there’s a difference in price. I placed my order and am holding my breath, awaiting that very important e-mail saying the item was shipped. I’m paying $16 in shipping to get that thing here by Christmas, but the look on Ryan’s face will be well worth the extra cost.

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Lori said...

Oh, Wendy -- I wish I would have known. I have to head to Legacy at lunchtime tomorrow (yes, I am insane) to figet the last thing and would have been happy to pick it up for you and drop it off on the way home. Still, the sales tax savings from ordering online might cancel out the shipping. But if there's no sign of it shipping by noon on Friday, just call me. That's what friends are for.