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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Feeling restless

I’m not into astrology, but I like to see if my horoscope has any relevance to my life. Just so happens that today, in the Washington Post, it does:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Some of your progress has stalled, so you are inclined to adopt an innovative approach where money or work is concerned. Try something different to make headway.

No kidding! Been feeling kind of restless as if there are so many opportunities I’m missing. Suppose it’s because the bulk of my time of late has been spent on one project. Not altogether a bad thing; I’ve had some amazing experiences and the steady pay is nice. But I’ve lacked the time to pursue more creative work and that’s frustrating me.

And I’ve been fairly isolated in my Bay bubble for most of the summer, also not a bad thing because I’ve had some great times with the kids. But I keep telling myself that once the kids are in school I’ll have the whole day—week even—to better organize my time so that pitching, researching and writing stories becomes a part of my day and less of my night.

It will be nice to reconnect with other professionals, something I put off in large part this summer to be home. The reality is that as much as I enjoy the boys, I recognize (as do they) that it’s time for everyone to be engaged in their own thing. The never-ending doorbell ringing, home phone ringing, kids shouting and dog barking aren’t really conducive to the quiet, solitary task of writing. Thank God for the peace of the early morning hours or I’d never get anything done.

Working strictly in isolation with no outside professional contact is hazardous to one’s morale. Humans need to feed off of each other’s energy in order to feel engaged and connected.
Thank God for my two neighbors—Patty and Mary. We’ve been the three musketeers this summer, rescuing each other from the frenzy of skateboards, practices, manhunt, endless laundry and Popsicle sticks scattered throughout the lawn.

It’s the natural order of life for everyone to be engaged in his or her own activities. We all come together more peaceably to share our days and there’s a greater sense of harmony in the household. Think I’ll go grab Patty and Mary and drink a toast to peace and harmony!

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matt sutton said...

read your post here as I just happened upon your blog. nice work !